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The Solicitation of Proposals for The Urban Design of the Boot Area of the Xiongan New Area in Hebei Province

Announcement on Prequalification


Following the spirit of the Approval of Guideline for Planning of the Xiongan New Area in Hebei Province by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council and contents of the Guideline, efforts shall stick to create the “Xiongan Quality” featuring “world vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics and high goal”, while focusing on shaping the anchor of relieving Beijing of functions non-essential to its role as the capital, and to make the new area into the national model for high quality development. The Solicitation of Proposals for The Urban Design of the Boot Area of the Xiongan New Area in Hebei Province shall be organized to facilitate shaping its distinctive urban styles and features and creating a model of urban construction, as well as the compilation of regulatory detailed planning for the boot area, in accordance with the requirements of planning at a high starting point and building of high standards for the Xiongan New Area, which will be open for proposals and designed to invite domestic and overseas reputable designing experts led urban design teams (architecture, planning and landscapes) and institutions to engage in response to solicitation of such design proposals, with the aim to gather worldwide wisdom, brain storm and draw on others’ successful experiences. The Sponsor will select 12 final applicants as Respondents for solicitation of proposals and for them to further submit their design proposals for response.

1. 项目概况

1. Project Brief
Project Name: The Solicitation of Proposals for The Urban Design of the Boot Area of the Xiongan New Area in Hebei Province


Project Location: The target for such Solicitation of Proposals for urban design is the Boot Area of the Xiongan New Area in Hebei Province, located in the city proper in the urban and rural spacial layout that feature “one city proper, five clusters and multiple attractions”, which is the first area to kick off planning and development.


Positioning of Project: To focus on relieving the functions non-essential to Beijing’s role as the capital, in order to shape urban styles and features in boot area for the new era. Efforts shall stick to the adaptation to the nature, respect of patterns, building the city on plains and efforts shall be made to adhere to the principle of integrating the essence from China and the West, with the focus on the Chinese features and convergence of the modernity and the ancient features to achieve moderate density distribution, green and low carbon, a return to the original nature, so as to create the exemplary model of the Chinese nation, the scenery of the Baiyang Lake and the distinctive features of the city.  The highlight is the innovation driven development to provide quality public services, to gather a group of key projects that are innovative and demonstrative in the fields of modern finance, headquarters-oriented economy, internet, big data, AI (artificial intelligence), cutting-edge IT, etc., so as to play a leading role; to strengthen the infrastructure construction, build project-wide intelligence environment,  deliver deep learning capabilities and a globally leading digital city; to intensify the efforts for building ecological environment, green, resilient and safe municipal infrastructure, so as to give great modern style to a habitable city that is also suitable for working.





Main Contents of Planning and Design: 

(1) Urban design on the level of the Boot Area; 

(2) Urban and landscape designs for key zones;

 (3) Urban design for general zones (including 4 zones, each applicant shall randomly select one of the four for design).




The Scope of Planning and Design: 

(1) The scope of planning for the Boot Area is around 38 sq.km. 

(2) The scope of urban design for key zones is around 28 sq.km. (including 18 sq.km. of urban development land and 10 sq.km. of ecological space). The key zones include the concentrated area of headquarters, financial institutions and high-end trade in service along the east-west axis, the ecological green valley area penetrating the Boot Area from the South to the North, and the bay area at the front of the lakes juxtaposed to Shaochedian. 

(3) The urban design for general zones includes the 4 zones in the North of the Boot Area, 3.9 sq.km. for Zone A, 3 sq.km. for Zone B, 4.9 sq.km. for Zone C, 3.7 sq.km. for Zone D.  


Period of Solicitation for Planning and Design Proposals: The period of planning and design at the stage of solicitation is around 90 days. It is tentatively scheduled to commence on August 1st, 2018 and organize project recommendation meetings and on-site survey in the meantime, when lead designer and the team from applicants shall attend the meetings.

Method of Solicitation: Open Solicitation


Method of Review for Qualifications: Limited number of applicants permitted, where the number of applicants for such solicitation (including Consortium Applicants) is set to be 12.


Prizes: 3 Winning Prizes

2. 主办单位及征集组织机构

2. Sponsor and Organizer of Solicitation
Sponsor:The Administration Committee for the Xiongan New Area in Hebei Province


Organizer of Solicitation: Beijing Science Park Auction & Tender Co., Ltd.

3. 征集联系

3. Contact of Solicitation

Beijing Science Park Auction & Tender Co., Ltd.
地    址:北京市海淀区万泉庄万柳光大西园6号楼
Address: Building No.6, Guangdaxiyuan, Wanliu, Wanquanzhuang, Haidian District, Beijing
Post Code: 100089
联 系 人:章皓宇、刘孟琪、邢亚利
Contacts: Mr. Zhang Haoyu, Liu Mengqi, Ms. Xing Yali
联系电话:86-10-82575131—284, 13121105597(移动电话)
TEL: 86-10-82575131—284, 13121105597 (Mobile phone)
传    真:86-10-82575840
FAX: 86-10-82575840

4. 应征申请人的资格

4. Eligibility and Qualifications of Applicants 
4.1 应征申请人应为合法注册的法人实体或由合法注册的法人实体组成的项目联合体;
4.1 The Applicant shall be a legal entity that has been legally incorporated in accordance with laws or a project consortium composed of legal entities that have been legally incorporated in accordance with laws;
4.2 应征申请人须同时具有城乡规划编制和风景园林设计的相应资格,或同时具有建筑设计和风景园林设计的相应资格;
4.2 The Applicant shall hold corresponding qualifications for engaging in urban and rural planning & design, as well as those for landscape designs at the same time or those for architectural design and landscape design at the same time;
4.3 中华人民共和国境内的规划设计机构至少须具有城乡规划编制甲级、建筑行业(建筑工程)设计甲级及以上资质、风景园林设计专项甲级资质、外商投资企业城市规划服务资格证书的执业资格之一;
4.3 The Applicant within the People’s Republic of China shall be at least certified with one of the following: Grade A urban and rural planning, Grade A architectural design (architectural engineering) or above, specialized Grade A design for landscape, Certificate of Qualification of Foreign-funded Enterprises for Urban Planning Services;
4.4 中华人民共和国境外的规划设计机构至少须具有所在国、地区政府主管部门或其有关行业组织核发的从事城市规划、建筑设计、风景园林设计其中之一的相应资格或执业许可。港澳台规划设计机构的资格要求应参照境外规划设计机构资格要求的规定。
4.4 The Applicant outside the People’s Republic of China shall at least hold one of the corresponding qualifications or licenses to practice issued by governmental authorities or relevant industry organizations in its residence country or region for engaging in urban planning, architectural design or landscape design. The qualifications for planning and design institutions from Hong Kong, Macau and Tai Wan shall refer to the requirements of qualifications for planning and design institutions outside the People’s Republic of China.
4.5 应征申请人应有与本项目相类似的规划设计经验;
4.5 Applicant shall have had planning and design experiences similar to this Project;
4.6 本项目接受联合体应征。
4.6 The Consortium is accepted in this Project.
4.6.1 联合体的各成员应共同签署一份联合体协议。
4.6.1 A consortium agreement shall be signed by all partners of the Consortium.
4.6.2 组成项目联合体的各成员单位不得再以自己的名义单独申请应征资格预审,也不得同时加入本项目其它联合体申请应征资格预审。
4.6.2 Any partner of the Consortium shall neither individually apply for the Prequalification in its own capacity, nor concurrently apply for the Prequalification as a partner of another Consortium;  

5. 应征报名及资格预审文件的获取

5. Obtaining of Registration and Prequalification Documents
有意向参加征集活动的应征申请人需先在征集组织机构进行报名登记(报名表在北京科技园拍卖招标有限公司网站下载,填写完成后传真或E-mail至征集组织机构)。北京科技园拍卖招标有限公司网站(www.bkpmzb.com)将于 2018 年7月2日上午9:00开通。
The Applicant who intends to participate in the Solicitation shall register with the Organizer of Solicitation first (please download the Application Form from the website of Beijing Science Park Auction & Tender Co., Ltd., fill it out and fax or email it to the Organizer). The website of Beijing Science Park Auction & Tender Co., Ltd. (www.bkpmzb.com) will be open from 9:00AM on July 2nd, 2018.


After having completed the Application Form according to requirements therein, the Applicant shall email it to xionganud@vip.163.com. Upon the receipt of the Application Form, the Organizer of Solicitation will send the passcode for downloading Prequalification Documents to the Applicant.

6. 资格预审申请文件的递交

6. Submission of Application Documents for Prequalification
The deadline for submission of application documents for prequalification is 
10:00AM on July 22nd 2018, and the applicant shall submit such documents to the Organizer of Solicitation before the deadline. The Organizer of Solicitation will reject any such documents arrived after the specified deadline.

7. 征集公告发布媒体

7. Media Releasing Announcement on Solicitation     
The Announcement on Solicitation will be released on www.cebpubservice.com (China Tendering and Bidding Public Service Platform), www.ccgp.gov.cn (website of Chinese government procurement),www.xiongan.gov.cn (official website of Xiongan New Area) www.planning.org.cn (website of Urban Planning Society of China), www.chinaasc.org (website of Architectural Society of China) , www.chsla.org.cn (Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture) and www.bkpmzb.com (website of Beijing Science Park Auction & Tender Co., Ltd.) at the same time. The amendment and supplement of the Announcement shall be subject to the contents released via the websites aforementioned. 

8. 其它条款

8. Miscellaneous
8.1 应征设计补偿金
8.1 Compensations for Designs Proposals
The Sponsor will make compensations for design proposals in the amount of RMB6 Million   (including taxes) for domestic Applicant (Hong Kong, Macau and Tai Wan included), in the amount of RMB6.5 Million (including taxes) for overseas Applicant and in the amount of RMB6.2 Million(including taxes) for Consortium Applicant formed by Chinese and foreign entities to each Applicant having submitted valid design proposals within specified time frame as required per Solicitation Documents. However, for any Applicant who fails to submit the proposals as per the specified deadline or such proposals fail to meet the requirements of the solicitation documents and are rejected or the Applicant is disqualified, the Sponsor will not pay any compensations therefor.
8.2 优胜奖奖金及后续工作
8.2 Prize Money and Follow-up Work
8.2.1 The Sponsor will make offer prize money to Applicants for winning prizes in the amount of RMB2 Million (including taxes).
8.2.2 获得本次城市设计征集奖项的应征设计机构有参与后续启动区规划设计编制工作的优先权,具体事宜根据后续工作的安排进行协商。
8.2.2 The Applicant whose proposals that claims a prize in the solicitation for urban design proposals will have a priority to be engaged in the follow-up work of compilation for planning and design for the Boot Area, with specific matters subject to the follow-up work arrangement and consultation.
8.3 语言
8.3 Languages
The languages used in the solicitation shall be both Chinese and English. In the event of any discrepancy, Chinese shall prevail.
8.4 监督
8.4 Supervision
A notary organization will be engaged to supervise and notarize the receipt of the Prequalification Application Documents for The Solicitation of Proposals for The Urban Design of the Boot Area of the Xiongan New Area in Hebei Province before the deadline for submission.
8.5 适用法律
8.5 Governing Laws
The solicitation per se and any documents relating thereto shall be governed only by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China.
8.6 解释权
8.6 Power of Interpretation
The Sponsor reserves the power of final interpretation in view of the solicitation.

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